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BREXIT – Are your prepared?


Since the EU referendum, there has been considerable uncertainty about the impact of leaving the EU on organisations and their ability to operate effectively in the post-Brexit environment. This has become a regular theme in conversations across our own networks, and with many of our connections working in the HR and OD specialisms, these conversations have unsurprisingly, focused on organisational capability and resilience.Leading in tough or uncertain times is a theme with which we have become all too familiar in recent years. However, Brexit adds a new dimension to the size, scale and complexities of the challenges this presents.

Our aim in developing this white paper was to understand the opportunities, challenges and threats that the UK’s departure from the EU presents for organisational capability, resilience and delivery and to explore how their organisations are preparing for Brexit.

This paper summarises what we discovered. It is based on a collection of perceptions and reflections – some of which are anecdotal and personal rather than corporate. It, therefore, represents a snapshot of real-world experience rather than an attempt at a scientifically rigorous review.




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